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I love building applications for mobile and desktop. I am always interested in learning new and better ways of doing things. Open content and exchange of information is something I am interested in.

Operator Declarations by Example - Swift Programming Language

An operator is a special symbol or phrase that you use to check, change, or combine values. For example, the addition operator (+) adds two numbers, as in let i = 1 + 2. Swift supports most standard C operators and improves several capabilities to eliminate common coding errors. Like, the assignment operator

Turbo C++ Error - Unable to Open Include File 'STDIO.H'

This problem occurs due to wrong configuration in Turbo C++ directories. Follow these steps to fix the problem - Step 1 - Open Turbo C++. Step 2 - Go in Options menu. Step 3 - Then in Directories... Step 4 - Replace the directories with following - Include Directories ->

How to run (16-bit) .exe files output by Turbo C++?

If your PC is running on 32/64 bit Windows OS, then the older 16-bit application (output by Turbo C++) would not run on it. Here the steps to run a 16-bit .exe files output by Turbo C++. Step 1. Download and Install the latest version of Turbo C++ from

Advanced Enum (Enumerations) by Example - Swift Programming Language

1. Properties We can't add actual stored properties to an enum, but we can create computed properties. The value of computed properties can be based on the enum value or enum associated value. Let's create an enum called Device. It's contain a computed property called year, which return the first

Enum (Enumerations) by Example - Swift Programming Language

An enumeration defines a common type for a group of related values and enables you to work with those values in a type-safe way within your code. Types of Enumeration: Basic Enumerations Enumerations with Raw Values Enumerations with Associated Values 1. Basic Enumerations 1.1 Create an enumerations To create

What's new in Xcode 9?

Xcode is the complete developer toolset used to create apps for Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The Xcode development environment bundles the Instruments analysis tool, Simulator, and the OS frameworks in the form of tvOS SDKs, watchOS SDKs, iOS SDKs, and macOS SDK. Supported Configurations Xcode 9

How to pass Command Line Arguments in Turbo C++

The following are the steps to execute a program with Command Line Argument inside Turbo C/C++ Compiler : 1. Open Turbo C++ Open Turbo C++. If you don't have, you can download Turbo C++ from here. 2. Write a program Following is a simple example which checks if there is

Introduction to Greedy Algorithms

1. What is Greedy Algorithm? A greedy algorithm, as the name suggests, always makes the choice that seems to be the best at that moment. This means that it makes a locally-optimal choice in the hope that this choice will lead to a globally-optimal solution. However, generally greedy algorithms do
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