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What's new in Xcode 8? [Updated to 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3]

Xcode is the complete developer toolset used to create apps for Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The Xcode development environment bundles the Instruments analysis tool, Simulator, and the OS frameworks in the form of tvOS SDKs, watchOS SDKs, iOS SDKs, and macOS SDKs. Jump to "What's new

Alcatraz - The package manager for Xcode

Alcatraz is an open-source package manager for Xcode 7+. It lets you discover and install plugins, templates and theme without the need for manually cloning or copying files. It installs itself as a part of Xcode and it feels like home. How to install Alcatraz? Installing Alcatraz is very easy.

Xcode Quick Fix - Clear Cache

This note has some way to clean/reset Xcode data/setting, which may lead to fix your Xcode crashes, unwanted project errors etc. Following steps are master reset for your Xcode, follow these steps in sequence and after each step check whether problem is solved or not. 1. Clean the
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