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Methods by Example - Swift Programming Language

Methods are functions that are associated with a particular type. Classes, structures, and enumerations can all define instance methods, which encapsulate specific tasks and functionality for working with an instance of a given type. Classes, structures, and enumerations can also define type methods, which are associated with the type itself.

Which C++ compiler should I use?

Select carefully After understanding the reasons for use C++ you need to know that there are a LOT of different C++ compilers, and although the purpose of all is to create an executable, each one come here with different flavor, utilities, keywords in some cases, and so. In this post,

Getting started with C++

Why do you need to learn C++? C++ is generally known as a old language, and for that reason there is a small set of programmers that underestimate that beautiful language. This article has the opposite proof, and the purpose of show you how powerful, fast, optimized, and especially fresh

Properties by Example - Swift Programming Language

Properties associate values with a particular class, structure, or enumeration. Suppose if we need to change or access an iVar in your class using an object of your class, then there should be getter and setter methods assigned to the iVar. A property is used mainly when other objects need

Classes and Structures by Example - Swift Programming Language

1. Introduction Classes and structures are general-purpose, flexible constructs that become the building blocks of your program’s code. You define properties and methods to add functionality to your classes and structures by using exactly the same syntax as for constants, variables, and functions. In Swift, you define a class

Access Control by Example - Swift Programming Language

Access control restricts access to parts of your code from code in other source files and modules. This feature enables you to hide the implementation details of your code, and to specify a preferred interface through which that code can be accessed and used. You can assign specific access levels

Advanced Operators (Bitwise) by Example - Swift Programming Language

Swift provides a several advanced operators bitwise and bit shifting to perform a more complex operations. In swift, Arithmetic operators won’t show the overflow value by default. To opt the behavior of overflow, swift uses the second set of advanced operators such as the addition operators +& and all

DeviceCheck API - Unique Identifier for the iOS Devices

1. Overview Using the DeviceCheck APIs, in combination with server-to-server APIs, you can set and query two bits of data per device, while maintaining user privacy. You might use this data to identify devices that have already taken advantage of a promotional offer that you provide, or to flag a

Optionals Chainings by Example - Swift Programming Language

1. Introduction An optional in Swift is a type that can hold either a value or no value. Optionals are written by appending a ? to any type: var optionalName: String? = "Developer Insider" print(optionalName) //prints "Optional("Developer Insider")" Optionals are one of the most
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